Beautiful Smooth & Textured Ceilings

Get the most sound and style out of your ceiling with J & J Kies Drywall in Blair, Nebraska. From outstanding textured and smooth ceilings to detailed acoustical work, we provide the finest services for residential and commercial customers.

Acoustical Work

Improve the sound and acoustics in your theater room with our top-of-the-line acoustical work. When you call us, we check out your regular or drop ceiling then pop out the panel to get to the problem you are having. This is also ideal for locations in your basement that need access areas around plumbing. Service options include:

• Chrome Gold
• Gold Grid
• Standard White Grid
• Flats

• Lay-in Pads
• Regular Pads (Beveled Pads That Lay in)

Basement - Textured Ceilings

Contact us for stylish textured and smooth ceilings that match your home or office.